Outreach and Public Relations

Outreach and Public Relations

Outreach and Public Relations

PBI’s General Assembly resolved at its June 1998 session to create the Mexico Project. This decision was made in response to requests for international accompaniment by several Mexican NGOs in the face of the worsening human rights situation in several Mexican states.

As in other countries where PBI has maintained a presence, the work of the PBI team in Mexico is based on a philosophy of non-violence, and a strict adherence to local laws. PBI works independently, both in the political and religious spheres. It does not try to impose solutions from outside, instead supporting Mexican initiatives that promote respect for human free porn rights and the search for the peaceful resolution of conflicts; PBI limits itself to providing moral support and a safer space through the presence of its international accompaniers. PBI Mexico also maintains constant communication with Mexican civilian and military authorities, as well as NGOs, embassies, and international organizations.

PBI receives funding from diverse public and private institutions from different countries, which permits the organization to maintain financial independence from any one funding body.

The PBI team in Mexico is made up of volunteers from many different countries. They have been selected through a training process that includes education about Mexico and about how to carry out PBI’s work of international accompaniment. Support of Mexican initiatives that promote respect for human rights and international humanitarian law.

Support of initiatives for non-violent conflict resolution.
Promotion of the search for peace and social justice.
More specifically, these objectives are:

1. To sensitize different sectors of the Mexican government and society about the concerns and attention with which the international community follows the human rights situation in Mexico, and the actions undertaken to improve the situation.

2. To sensitize the international community about the human rights situation in Mexico, and about Mexican initiatives to improve the situation.

3. To contribute to improving the human rights situation in Mexico and to open spaces of activity to sectors of civil society that work for social justice and solutions to Mexican conflicts. Specifically, this contribution will manifest itself in the area of protection of human rights defenders.

4. To share with Mexican organizations and institutions educational experiences that can be used to achieve the objectives of PBI in Mexico.

5. To examine and analyze the experience of the PBI team, and its Mexican counterparts, to be able to contribute fresh perspectives to the search for reconciliation and coexistence, in Mexico and in other parts of the world.

Main areas of work envisioned for PBI in Mexico:

1. The presence of international accompaniers for the protection of human rights NGOs, displaced peoples’ organizations and others.

2. Contact work and interviews with Mexican civilian and military authorities, and with international organizations, embassies and others, in order to keep them informed of the causes for our concerns in the areas of PBI work.

3. The publication and distribution of information available from public sources.

4. In the future, training in “reparacion psicosocial” (psychosocial rehabilitation), and conflict resolution for members of NGOs or human rights leaders, community leaders and others who can integrate the training in their daily activities.

Peace Brigades International (PBI) depends on outreach and public relations to carry out its work. The safety that we offer to those being accompanied, as well as the security of PBI volunteers themselves, is directly related to the level of international support that we achieve. In order to secure this support, PBI works at many levels, from maintaining excellent relations with diplomatic corps in project countries, to local speaking tours which visit churches, unions, and universities. As PBI expands its work to new regions of the world, it is crucial that public relations and outreach work expand as well. This is an area in which anyone can make important contributions, and in many different ways, including:
Hosting a speaking event with a recently returned volunteer Returned volunteers always have very interesting stories to tell. It is a unique way to learn how techniques of nonviolence are used in practice, both by PBI and by the individuals and organizations being accompanied, under very repressive and violent circumstances.
Since PBI provides accompaniment to many different sectors of society, a speaking engagement can easily be tailored to a particular audience, such as students, churches, unions, women groups, indigenous organizations, lawyers, or solidarity groups. Contact: Your closest PBI country group. Making a PBI presentation It is not necessary to have a returned volunteer do a PBI presentation. You can do it yourself, as part of a school presentation, in your local church, or at home among invited friends. With due notice, PBI will be happy to supply you with the necessary information as well as pamphlets and newsletters to hand out. There are also two excellent videos about the work of PBI, one about Guatemala (in USA: $10 to rent/$25 to buy) and one on the Colombia Project. Showing one of these with an informal discussion afterwards will make a great event. Contact: Your closest PBI country group. Interviewing a PBI volunteer Do you want to write an article about PBI? Recently returned volunteers are available for interviews as part of their speaking tours, and PBI would be happy to let you know next time someone is in your area. No publication is too small (or too large!). Contact: Your closest PBI country group. Distributing PBI reports Please distribute any PBI reports that you find interesting. You may publish them in any publication, either wholly or partially, you may post them to electronic bulletin boards or mailing lists, or you are welcome to include them as a part of your own Web site. We just ask that you state the source as Peace Brigades International.
Assisting with the PBI Web site
The PBI World Wide Web site is a project contributed to by many volunteers. You are most welcome to join our team, and you can contribute by: Formatting some of the PBI reports into HTML code, and uploading them to the site. Translating pages (we particularly need French, Spanish and some German and Italian translations) Finding broken links and suggesting new links.